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Since 1974 Camputaro & Associates, PA has been providing financial guidance to local individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Our emphasis on high quality work and performance has allowed us to grow by obtaining new clients through our reputation and keeping existing clients by being responsive to their requests. 

We are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA) and the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our staff is actively involved in the community through various local and charitable organizations and events.

We take part in the peer review process sponsored by the AICPA and the FICPA.This stringent peer review process ensures the quality of our audits, reviews and compilations. In a peer review, an outside CPA firm qualified by the AICPA randomly chooses and thoroughly reviews audits, reviews and compilations that Camputaro & Associates has performed. We have received unqualified opinions on all of our peer reviews. 

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Sep 01, 2021

Could You Qualify for an IRS Payment Plan for Your Tax Debt?

People say that taxes are one of the few predictable things about life. And while you certainly can predict that you’ll need to file your taxes every year, sometimes, the amount you owe can come as quite a shock. If you’ve found yourself facing a large tax bill, you might be left wondering exactly how you’re going to pay it. Taxes are due by the filing deadline every year, and you’re expected to pay it all in one lump sum. But what if you can’t? Keep reading to learn if you could qualify for an IRS payment plan.

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Aug 01, 2021

The IRS Is Looking to Increase Tax Enforcement: What You Need to Know

The IRS is currently hiring thousands of new tax auditors. This massive push in increasing audit personnel isn’t just to fill desks at the office; they’re gearing up for a possibly massive push on tax enforcement. That means more auditing for tax returns, and more auditors to do the job. How might this impact you? Here’s what you need to know.

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Jul 01, 2021

How Your Business Designation Impacts Your Taxes

When starting a new business, one of the first things you’ll have to do is register that business. To do so, you need to select a business structure, also known as a business designation, which can be a foreign concept to first-time business owners. If you’ve never selected a business designation before, it’s important to consider all of the ways in which the structure you choose will impact your company. Business taxes is just one of those impacts you’ll want to look at, and we provide a closer look at how business designation impacts your taxes below.

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Jun 01, 2021

About the Child Tax Credit and Your Advance Payments

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 has drastically altered the child tax credit in many ways. You’ve likely heard that families will be receiving payments from the IRS between July and December of this year. But what are these payments for, exactly? What other changes have been made to the typical child tax credit? And how will receiving those payments impact your 2021 tax return? Keep reading to get answers to these important tax questions.

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May 01, 2021

Will Student Loan Forgiveness Impact Your Taxes?

Among the many changes President Joe Biden has implemented since being sworn into office, student loan forgiveness seems to have been a major focus. He has pushed for student loan relief and loan forgiveness in many of the bills he’s introduced. And if you have student loan debts that you’re hoping to have forgiven, it’s important to understand how existing and new tax laws may impact that loan forgiveness. Keep reading to learn more.

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Apr 01, 2021

Finding Relief for Your Business with the CARES Act's NOL Laws

The CARES Act enacted in 2020 to provide COVID relief to Americans included many provisions to offer financial relief to business owners struggling to make ends meet amid widespread shutdowns. With businesses still reeling from the losses of last year, some are still looking for some form of relief. If you extended your business tax return (as many businesses did this year due to complicated returns involving PPP loans), and your business experienced a net operating loss this year, the CARES Act has some extra tax provisions that may help you.

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